In The Crosshairs

Those would be your children.

Made by Rejina Sincic. Endorsed by the Coali. to Stop Gun Violence.

Recently, a “Public Service Announcement” was released by Rejina Sincic, who is a self-proclaimed gun-control advocate and SanFran-based Sleeper 13 Productions. The video has made the rounds, but I started thinking about the broader impact of what the video might have on younger people. Continue reading In The Crosshairs

Midterms & Repercussions

With the anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting coming up, it’s been oddly quiet on the Democratic side. To quote New York resident Aaron Weiss, the “dead children battle cry” is far louder and more frequent the closer the anniversary dates come. We still wait on the answer to why the cry, by the way. Why they stopped is more easily answered.


The Democratic senators had their fun with promoting anti-gun politics up until January 2014, but we’re now watching their ride on Hurricane “Sandy Hook” swing a u-turn on them . As the pendulum swings, we’re watching the Midterms creep up on the country. In other words, all that talk of restricting access firearms and related items having failed is backfiring now . And, just as the pro-firearms groups are assisting with their downfall, but also the anti-firearms groups. The politicians who wished to ride through the storm quietly have and will inevitably be promoted by groups like Gifford’s Americans for Responsible Solutions and Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, in some manner. These groups’ have their own agendas and goals, and they will not be silenced in their endeavors. Though, Gifford’s is failing to make the elections about guns… in her favor. Continue reading Midterms & Repercussions


It’s time to take a look at complaint that I have. As a firearms enthusiast, I hold a love for the weapons I own and wish to own. I am a shooter, a hunter / sportsman, a collector and I am the defender of the premises of which I inhabit. I participate in a little bit of everything regardless of which category I would say I “specialize” myself in. There are firearms “enthusiasts”, “collectors” and then the “hunters”; but, why would someone be so different if they are more interested in standard-capacity magazines and or modernized weapons designs?

I read this article, about firearms accessories and suppressors, and I noticed that there was an apparent, purposeful separation and categorization of firearms owners. What bothers me is that we let this belittlement stand. The last time I checked, we all stand, side-by-side, firing at paper, steel or realistic targets and I see that line as something important to note. So, why is it that our choice in firearms lets them dictate whether or not we are in our own group? A group, mind you, that those anti-gun people aren’t even apart of themselves. It sounds pretty slanted, huh? Continue reading SHOTS FIRED: Who We Are

The Language of Control

President Barack Obama, on the 26th of June, spoke at a Town Hall meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The President touched on a number of topics, until a spectator was allowed a question and worked gun-control into the session. The White House has video of the entire meeting and there is a full transcript: which can be found here. Obama’s words caused some issue on one topic. However, very few pro-gunners seemed to notice one part of his speech that could change the nature of the gun-control push from here, on.

Now, I’m putting aside the incompetence regarding the thought that there are no background checks and ‘forgetfulness’ that the ‘gun lobby’ is comprised of, at the very least, half of the entirety of the American households (according to Gallup polls taken over the last five-years). What, instead, I want you to focus on is in bold (question begins here). Continue reading The Language of Control

The Liberals’ ‘Bogeymen’ in the NRA

I wasn’t originally going to do anything tonight, so I guess this is as good a thing to do as any. I’m poking around back on Yahoo!’s front-page when I notice an article about the “new face of gun-control”. The article was about Richard Martinez; a father, who lost his son to the ministries of a mad-man in Isla Vista, California, one week ago (23 May). In the article, I happened to notice Martinez’s profession. He’s a criminal defense attorney, apparently. A criminal defense attorney, mourning his son and talking about an organization (the NRA) who’s out to protect peoples’ firearms rights and questions them with “…what about Chris’s right to live?” The man obviously doesn’t understand putting down violent criminals in a very permanent manner. I’m going to let you have at that, as you see fit, but I’m not going to bother.

I was intrigued by the finding and decided to search the topic a little. I found a fresh article out of Indiana about one of their lawmakers defending firearms and stating a number of truths, but because he was speaking on the record to a left-leaning newspaper, he wasn’t going to win any friends. Nor was he winning many friends with his comments on Facebook, as they mentioned. Continue reading The Liberals’ ‘Bogeymen’ in the NRA