PSA: The Giving of an Inch

Just about everyone has heard the saying: if you give them an inch, they’ll take a mile. I like to utilize this saying a lot when talking about the Anti-Firearms Coalition (AFC). I also like to specifically use the reference in terms of rope. An inch of rope can still be the beginning of a noose.

Over the weekend, under very stormy conditions, I was standing around on the range talking with three friends. The conversation eventually turned to the ownership of fully-automatic weapons. Of course, there was back-and-forth as of to why civilians should and should not own them. I am a staunch believer that Americans in the United States should be able to own fully-automatic firearms as a means of leveling the field against any aggressor — foreign or domestic. My reasoning behind this, and something that I have been extremely vocal on, is that the assault on one’s rights always starts with one simple thing.

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Dropping The Hammer

Back in early February, I went to Lafayette to scout the firearms dealers for a new sidearm. At that point, I was dead set on a SIG-Sauer or an H&K. The goal was to find a DA/SA handgun in 9mm Parabellum for concealed carry; to semi-replace the Glock-19 that I own. This brings us to an admission. Why replace a Glock? I have an insatiable desire for safety. I run an Edge Works INCOG IWB with my Glock, which is of full Kydex construction. I will not run anything other than a Kydex holster and I will never carry without a round in the chamber. Even though there’s no way an unmodified Glock can go off within a Kydex holster, it bothers me to carry the Glock in such a fashion. It’s totally irrational, but it’s something that sits in the back of my mind. So, I decided that something with a hammer and a decocker was the way to go.

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Til Valhalla – 2016

What a rollercoaster it’s been, on behalf of 2015. Firearms rights advocates have been hitting back against hostile Restrictionists / Abolitionists, who screamed bloody-murder over the 2013-2014 period. We’ve also witnessed groups like MDA, CSGV and Everytown slowly fading back into the shadows of irrelevance.

Though rather needless to mention, the 2016 Presidential race is on. I haven’t been impressed by the majority of candidates running on the Republican side of the debate nor how the debates have been run. There has certainly been some backwards ass logic when it came to who was included in the Primary and Undercard debates. And don’t make me laugh. None of the Democratic candidates are on the radar. But, of course, it’s just been an all-around circus.  Continue reading Til Valhalla – 2016

In The Crosshairs

Those would be your children.

Made by Rejina Sincic. Endorsed by the Coali. to Stop Gun Violence.

Recently, a “Public Service Announcement” was released by Rejina Sincic, who is a self-proclaimed gun-control advocate and SanFran-based Sleeper 13 Productions. The video has made the rounds, but I started thinking about the broader impact of what the video might have on younger people. Continue reading In The Crosshairs

Midterms & Repercussions

With the anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting coming up, it’s been oddly quiet on the Democratic side. To quote New York resident Aaron Weiss, the “dead children battle cry” is far louder and more frequent the closer the anniversary dates come. We still wait on the answer to why the cry, by the way. Why they stopped is more easily answered.


The Democratic senators had their fun with promoting anti-gun politics up until January 2014, but we’re now watching their ride on Hurricane “Sandy Hook” swing a u-turn on them . As the pendulum swings, we’re watching the Midterms creep up on the country. In other words, all that talk of restricting access firearms and related items having failed is backfiring now . And, just as the pro-firearms groups are assisting with their downfall, but also the anti-firearms groups. The politicians who wished to ride through the storm quietly have and will inevitably be promoted by groups like Gifford’s Americans for Responsible Solutions and Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, in some manner. These groups’ have their own agendas and goals, and they will not be silenced in their endeavors. Though, Gifford’s is failing to make the elections about guns… in her favor. Continue reading Midterms & Repercussions