This Is The Line is run by twenty-something year old, former college student in an effort to promote knowledge about Second Amendment rights, under the United States Constitution. I welcome you to The Line.

Politically, I’m a purist. I believe that if it’s a small arm, you should be able to own it under your individual, sovereign right. Call it Constitutional Ownership, and I also believe it goes hand-in-hand with Constitutional Carry. You shouldn’t need to apply for permission or justify why you need to carry a firearm, open or concealed, no matter the weapon.

At the moment, I’m highly engrossed with removing disarmament rulings for schools and college campuses. As a college student, I never understood any claims made, by the Left or anti-firearms groups, that we are protecting children by keeping them corralled in large areas without adequate security and maps openly marketing (to potential active shooters) that these places are, for the most part, unarmed. I don’t understand how tacking a bulls-eye on our backs can be called protection. I am actively seeking to change the weapons policy on my campus and promoting change to Louisiana’s carry policies for college campuses.

I don’t believe any of your Second Amendment rights should be subject to scrutiny, taxation, regulation or banned because of aspects that “Higher Authorities” don’t like. We’ve compromised enough, so much so in fact, I would like to see everything rolled back. Should I be generous and compromise enough to let the Left keep their background-checks? Don’t know. Only after we eliminate carry permit requirement laws, Gun-Free Zones, the NFA, Hughes Amendment, and aspects of 922 (if not in its entirety), and rules against importation of firearms (political or otherwise), among others, for sure.

In the mean time, I talk about and debate the current, standing politics of the region, reflect on how those laws affect crime and how outside laws define other countries demographics. History is also a big factor in defining our Right to Bear Arms, internally and externally.

I implore you to take a seat, grab your nearest firearm and get to cleaning while you peruse the site and the articles within. If you find the site to your liking, I also implore you to hit that follow button and share with your friends.

Thank you.

Contact by email at This Is The Line.

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