As seen in Thunder Roads Louisiana August 2017 Vol. 14 – Issue 7.

If you are willing to learn, you will learn every single day of your life. If you are analytical, you will learn to tell the difference between what is fraud and what is truth. Unfortunately, not everybody is so keen on conscious learning throughout their lifetime. We see this if you were to set down a firearm on the table in front of someone like myself and someone who is wholeheartedly anti-firearms. Quite a few of the latter will be frozen solid with fear of what is nothing more than an inanimate object, and this is common knowledge. But, there is something about this reaction that is somewhat disingenuous.

The Anti-Firearms Coalition claim to be “anti-gun”; motioning to strike down ownership of certain firearms and accessories to American civilians. They attempt to revamp the historic Assault Weapons Ban with broader strokes, and purposefully spread misinformation regarding private firearms sales and gun shows has been attempted. The information is spread to these groups’ followers; most of which don’t have any understanding of proper firearms handling to begin with. Their experience with firearms is via Hollywood. As an example, most won’t understand how much in training Keanu Reeves put into his action-thrillers. They don’t have any concept of training. That, in my opinion, is the fallacy of being “anti-gun”.

Those people, who claim to want to remove firearms from the fabric of American culture itself, aren’t truly anti-gun. They want someone to be armed. The issue with their mindset is based entirely around their own drive to accomplish day-to-day tasks. They need to teach themselves about firearms, cross-reference source material to make sure that material is correct and relevant, and become proficient. If they ask questions, they will grow their own knowledge pool. And, I have said it before. They want a “good guy” with a gun to be there for them. The only problem with their mindset is, with the appropriate training and armament, that “good guy” could be them.

Due to this assessment, it is in my opinion that there is no such thing as an “anti-gun” member of our society. There are, simply, people who are ignorant of the realities of the firearms culture in America and those who wish to have their will forced on others. The problem with the latter is that they are having a hard time coming to terms with who they want to be holding all the firearms. They don’t trust civilians with firearms, they are confused about what they want law enforcement to do and they have no clue how the military will force compliance.

It is critical that those who can teach about firearms and the rules of firearms safety do so. If anybody shows interest, take them shooting and talk to them about the importance of self-defense and the defense of their loved ones. The thing that everyone does see, on the news, is the barbarism of some within humanity. Teach them that the United States is one of the few places, in the whole world, where they stand a chance against it; if they are willing to learn about the tools available to them.

If you are interested in learning, then ask someone to help you out. Search for all your information on pro-firearms websites instead of sites who regularly post anti-firearms media. Do not rely on people who are “anti-gun” to teach you about said firearms. They probably don’t work around firearms and that means they lack first-hand experience on the subject that they are trying to cover. Search for your information through sources, who do work in the field, and then cross-reference those sources for other points-of-view.

It is critical to take in information; no matter what side of the line you are on. Do your due diligence and I promise you; taking in new information will only be a benefit to you. Then, get out there and become proficient with firearms. After all, it is a hell of a lot of fun.

Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act (SHARE Act – H.R. #TBA, Duncan S.C.) – Features many pro-firearms related material including a “Hearing Protection Act” section for deregulation of suppressors. The H.R. draft text.

Silencers Helping Us Save Hearing Act (SHUSH Act – H.R. 3139 & S.1505) – Removes suppressors from the NFA entirely and making them “accessories” with no registration or background checks needed. More here. And, from Rep. Mike Lee.

The latest information on both the SHUSH and SHARE Acts here.

Second Amendment Guarantee Act (SAGA Act – H.R. #TBA, Chris Collins N.Y.) – Legislation specifically targets Restrictive states that go beyond, via regulation, what the Federal level mandates on firearms controls. Collins has specifically spoken out about the New York SAFE Act when mentioning the point of his legislation.

It goes without saying that you should get in contact with your local legislators and urge them to support these bills. It is in all our interests to fight back, step-by-step, and repeal legislation that has been put in place – curtailing firearms and firearms accessory ownership. Send your local representatives emails today!

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