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Since 2010, we’ve seen a rise in focus on college campus politics. Battles over Campus Carry, the spread of speech intolerances (so called: “Microaggressions” in speech patterns) and the growth of the Safe Space culture — which was told off recently by the Uni. of Chicago.

As a college student, it was easy to comes to terms with how badly this could go in regards to the future of the Republic. I came to the conclusion that, right now, college campuses are the Petri dishes of what the United States could become. A majority of college campuses do not allow for self defense, they abide by the unconstitutional Gun-Free School Zones Act and they support limits on speech on certain topics.

And, after graduation (assuming they do),  the people, who will have taken all of it seriously, move on into the real world. They will go get jobs, influence local politics and some of them will end of running this country… in the due course of time.

Speaking about firearms, in some colleges, is akin to talking about bombs / EOD work in a TSA checkpoint line.

I’ve spoken to quite a few students regarding the benefits of Campus Carry. Furthermore, I’ve also spoken on strategic thinking / situational awareness. Explaining that, due to layout, some of the classrooms only have one or two exits into a single corridor, a couple of windows that one would need to be extremely skinny to get out through or the room is on a floor that’s not connected to the ground by any other means than a twenty or thirty-foot connecting flight. Roughly eighty-percent of students couldn’t meet the appropriate parameters to correspond to the given situation. It’s better to create an ambush in the chokepoints (doorways) as opposed to possibly running into enfilade fire (Option #1), while I am skinny enough to make it through that window barely most others aren’t (Option #2) and nobody is going to throw themselves off a building to escape when there are other options.

Which leads us to the recent University of Texas – Austin anti-carry rally. Via the included photos, you can see the mindset of some of the younger college students. After Texas’s Campus Carry law went into effect, on the First of August, there were a few professors who decided they weren’t going to comply and were going to fight it. They, subsequently, were both warned against it and struck down. There are two major rules; there is no open carry and, obviously, you have to have a Concealed Handgun License to carry. The Battalion noted penalties for both students and the university.

“There are also consequences for the university if it attempts to suppress concealed carry in areas where it’s legally permitted. For example, a professor can’t ask students not to bring guns to a classroom unless it is a prohibited zone. Doing so could result in a fine to the university of up to $10,500 a day under Senate Bill 273.”

The argument of the professors is that “they [assumed; firearms carriers] know that they will begin to curtail discussions,” and “allowing guns in classrooms does invariably, inevitably … narrow the scope of the academic discussion.” These statements were from attorney Renea Hicks, representing the three professors, according to the Dallas News. UT’s Assistant AG Anne Marie Mackin stated;

“… The idea that the law would impinge academic expression was in “rooted in assumptions and prejudices.”

And, Mackin is absolutely correct. The allowance of Campus Carry will most certainly turn out to be a non-event.


In closing, I can say that I’m thoroughly impressed with the conduct of Students for Concealed Carry. Instead of fighting the UT-Dildos crowd, the SCC group promoted the protest and worked with those of whom who wished to coexist. However, Brian Bensimon mentioned that use of the dildos for any violent purposes would see a pursuit of the law against the aggressor under Texas law.

Bensimon wrote for The College Fix, outlining some reports of death threats against Ana Lopez and that Nicholas Roland, a survivor of the Virginia Tech school shooting, was a panelist at the forum in support for the right to one’s own self-defense on a college campus.

It’s going to take education to fix the attitude of the future generations having an entirely self-obsessed attitude — that some of them do have. It is a shame that they want to completely ignore the facts of history and the people that lived through some of the most horrific tragedies in the United States. So much so, that they want to violate other people’s liberty — namely those in the first ten amendments of the Bill of Rights. It’s a hostile environment on campus. But, I’m glad there are groups like the SCC who wish to fix the problem.

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