The Fine Line

This weekend has been an absolute rollercoaster ride through Hell for many people. Two law enforcement engagements with civilians in Louisiana (July 5th) and Minnesota (July 6th) lead to many protests around the United States. This included the protest that occurred in Dallas on the night of the 7th of July where one armed man committed to killing as many white police officers as he could while the Dallas officers kept an eye on a Black Lives Matter protest. Furthermore, Dallas Police Chief David Brown reported that the gunman “had larger plans”.

In St. Paul, protests from the Black Lives Matter movement turned extremely violent when protesters began pelting officers with rocks, rebar, cinder blocks, bottles, fireworks, bricks and molotov cocktails. All of this would reported by St. Paul Police PIO on Twitter. It looked like multiple officers were struck on their heads with various items.

You know who you are.
You know who you are.

But, going back to the Dallas shooting. We’re witnessing more and more targeted hits on law enforcement personnel.  The United States as a nation is heavily torn between “I don’t care” and “F%$# the police”. Those in the latter group are also all about saying: “the police are shooting people for no reason” before the investigation is even finished or despite what video or photographic evidence may clearly show. Again, though, it’s more important to wait for the investigation to be concluded. Why? I’ll let Mr. Colion Noir explain that one.

“I’ve learned to wait for all the evidence before rushing the judgement… because emotions can blind you and rob you of impartiality.” Colion Noir

And, that goes for every single damn shooting that happens. Period.

I have wondered for over a long time why many officers haven’t just thrown down their badges in disgust of having such an ungrateful nation standing opposite of them; instead of behind them. Lord knows a month of dealing with crackheads, wife-beaters and rioters would change the tune of the nation really quick. What would all of these poor protesters do without someone to show up to remove the hostile parties?

What is furthermore unfortunate is the possibility that the Anti-Gun Avengers, to quote Noir, will take the Dallas shooting and make another “In The Name of The Police” feel-good firearms control legislation. There have already been some calls for it.

What’s not going to help this is the Dallas shooter. Early reports came erroneously that he was using an AR-15. Then, the report was that a 7.62x39mm SKS was used by the shooter, but there were never any photos to support this claim and news eventually came in from an anonymous source that contradicted that. SOFREP forwarded out a photo, which came from The Arms Guide originally, that showed a 5.45x39mm AK-74 (noted as a Saiga IZ-240) in the rubble, after the use of a robot-deployed explosive device. A photo of his body was also released — GRAPHIC.


Furthermore, we witnessed a Jennifer Barringer on FOX News going on about “double-shot weapons”, hunting rifles and how the shooter(s at the time) could purchase it at a “grocery store”. The ticker read: “Scoped Rifles As Deadly As Assault”. But, I did mention that there may be a run on riflescopes in The Giving of an Inch.

It’s going to be tough to figure out what the Anti-Firearms Coalition does next. Will it be firearms controls in the name of the Law Enforcement or will it be a simple, repackaged end-all-be-all Assault Weapons Ban again. Only time will tell. What I know is what I’ve been told by many local LEOs. They want more legally armed civilians.

Stay sharp. Stay safe. Stay Armed.

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