Dropping The Hammer

Back in early February, I went to Lafayette to scout the firearms dealers for a new sidearm. At that point, I was dead set on a SIG-Sauer or an H&K. The goal was to find a DA/SA handgun in 9mm Parabellum for concealed carry; to semi-replace the Glock-19 that I own. This brings us to an admission. Why replace a Glock? I have an insatiable desire for safety. I run an Edge Works INCOG IWB with my Glock, which is of full Kydex construction. I will not run anything other than a Kydex holster and I will never carry without a round in the chamber. Even though there’s no way an unmodified Glock can go off within a Kydex holster, it bothers me to carry the Glock in such a fashion. It’s totally irrational, but it’s something that sits in the back of my mind. So, I decided that something with a hammer and a decocker was the way to go.


Ultimately, I was searching through a bunch of used SIGs and H&Ks. Price and lack of the latter dictated that there were three choices; two P229s and an M11-A1 (which may have been an M11B, ex-mil. firearm). Regardless of the fact that they were used and had unknown round-counts, they were all priced-to-steal, so to speak. I ended up with the one pictured above and I absolutely love the thing. Previously, I had spoken about purchasing a SIG SP2022 Nitron, in 9mm. The deal-breaker was that I couldn’t ever find one in my local area, to get a feel of, and the decocker on the standard 2022s were as horribly gritty as a Smith & Wesson M&P’s factory trigger.

Let me make myself absolutely clear. This is my personal opinion and explanation as of to why I didn’t purchase a SIG SP2022. The little details matter to me, I am making purchases on a tight budget and I am making purchases primarily for my own well-being should a self-defense scenario ever occur. I am not one of the standard [YouTube] firearms reviewers; who are sometimes afforded the opportunity to take on and utilize “evaluation firearms” for their reviews. All of that said, I picked what impressed me and worked the best.

Moving on, the two-tone SIG P229 came without its case and spare magazine, but it did come with SIGLITE night sights and one MEC-GAR 15-round magazine with a +3 magazine extension. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to shoot the handgun that much. Since purchasing it, I think I’ve put in somewhere south of 300-rounds through the SIG. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been covering a lot of dry-fire practice with it to get used to the first-round, double-action. This, of course, is how it would be fired if it ever had to be unholstered and used in a self-defense scenario.


I’ll say that this is my first non-polymer framed handgun and it most certainly won’t be my last. The weight behind the SIG is positive and even reassuring. I don’t feel like I need to change the grip panels or add a palmswell, as you can do on the Gen-4 Glocks. The SIG has a perfectly proportioned and rounded off grip that I can seat my hand on properly, naturally and every time I pick it up.

Shooting the SIG’s first-round, double-action is still something that I’m getting used to, but that comes with utilizing something that is new. Luckily, and unlike with the Glock, I can run around the house dry-firing the handgun with no need to reset by racking the slide. Granted, the constant clacking of a dropped hammer annoys the housemates; listening to their moaning is a small price to pay for the self-conditioning and dry-fire training.

I’m hoping to acquire more DA/SA firearms. I’d like to get another SIG and a couple of CZs have caught my eye (75D PCR, CZ75 P-01 and 2075BD models). Unfortunately, I feel like I have moved away from a new IWI-US Jericho due to the lack of a decocker model. Finding the right 9mm H&K has been a pain, as well. I love the grips on the P30 and HK45s, but I hate the decocker positioning on the P30. I want the lever-actuated decocker mechanism that’s on most of the older H&Ks. That said, I liked shooting the USP 9mm, but the frame and grip left something to be desired. Admittedly, the HK45CT might be the handgun that breaks me down and gets me to buy into a .45 ACP platform. Lastly, it should be mentioned that if, I could ever find one; the CZ 2075BD currently sits on the top of the list.

I caught wind of a recent LuckyGunner article, from Chris Baker, where he spoke on his experiences with double-action, semi-automatic handguns and the safety aspects with carrying for some people. It certainly made me feel a little better to see an older and more experienced shooter cover some of the things that I, myself, have thought about.

In the future, I will try to do a more in-depth review on the P229 somewhere around the 1000-round mark. My CHL should be coming in soon and after getting an (A)IWB holster, I’ll also be able to give some thoughts on concealed carrying the SIG.

That’s all for now. Train hard and keep your heads on a swivel.


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