In The Crosshairs

Those would be your children.

Made by Rejina Sincic. Endorsed by the Coali. to Stop Gun Violence.

Recently, a “Public Service Announcement” was released by Rejina Sincic, who is a self-proclaimed gun-control advocate and SanFran-based Sleeper 13 Productions. The video has made the rounds, but I started thinking about the broader impact of what the video might have on younger people.

The video shows a teenager who checks in on his mother before stealing the family’s handgun. He’s going to take it to school and he does. In closing, he sets the weapon (a pellet gun, of some sort) on the desk of the teacher, after sitting through the class and waiting for the rest of the students to leave, and telling her that “he doesn’t feel safe with a firearm in the house”.

As a young person, this absolutely chilled me to the core and I’m going to share a few things I noticed, overall.

1. Remember “Stranger Danger?” That’s a safe thing to reiterate with your children. This PSA is reaching out to the children who don’t know the full ramifications of stealing a family’s firearm and then taking it to school. A fellow firearms writer, BigFatDave on Twitter, covered the range of laws that were broken, in this post.  Teach your children that there are people out there who are hell-bent on hurting them. This is absolutely another one of those examples. One of the other things that popped into mind was how children were alienated against their parents by the Nazis, yesteryear. It’s outright targeting of children to circumvent their parents, parental authority and safety in the name of #gunsense.

2. The NRA’s win. For the most part, the National Rifle Association, post-Sandy Hook, laid out a plan — at the demand of gun control advocates — to post armed guards in schools and to arm faculty. They succeeded and not to the happiness of all in the U.S. The former, in part, like that of most college campuses around the country, who have local, armed police forces on the premises. That said, what’s worrying about the video is that it will get children killed. The teen who wanted to “do right” by his family or worse, these gun-sense fanatics, might get shot and killed if confronted for acting suspicious. Which is odd because, as I already mentioned, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence supported the video, though to paraphrase, they said it was a little lengthy. They even went as far as saying parents who leave unlocked firearms around should belong in prison. Oh, the irony and hypocrisy, right? I promise that the hypocrisy isn’t just in the name, either. But, the relevance is that if a child was shot by a guard, it would very likely be held against the NRA under the guise that it was their idea for armed security.

3. Disarmament, gun-control, confiscation. I’ve already mentioned the worse case scenario. As I thought about this all last night; the undertones of confiscation hits home as you think about the entirety of ramifications for the family. If the child wasn’t shot and killed by a security officer, him/her and their family would be subject to the worst of the worst in the legal system. There’s absolutely no way the the family would come out of it without a felony charge being placed on someone; most likely the child him/herself. And, with a felony charge comes the undertone of gun control. As most know, firearms would no longer be legally allowed in the household due to a felon living on the premises. BearingArms also mentioned that it would cost the child the entirety of their school life. It’s a horrible case of home-wrecking and Sincic can be seen, on Twitter, calling those who don’t agree “cowards”, as noted by

“Lot of people are afraid to share my PSA! If you are not a coward please share…” — Rejina Sincic (@QueenSincic) December 17, 2014.

The tweet said, but it has since been deleted. An image of the tweet can be found here.

4. Another form of SWAT-ing? Just with a hands-off approach. Y’know… “Wouldn’t want any pesky lawsuits cropping up after calling the police on a person carrying a firearm AND we would get a third-party to do all of the work!” Sickening thought. But, there are bad people in this world and we have already seen that they HAVE and have stated they will call the police on people open-carrying a firearm. National Review ran an article about “Moms Demand SWAT-ing” and my colleague at the Midnight Run ran “Harassment” on the John Crawford shooting in a Walmart, where the caller exaggerated the scenario of what was simply a man holding a pellet rifle in sporting goods. National Review had a perfect quote regarding how the Twitter mongrels felt;

“The law be damned; exercise your rights under the law and I’ll threaten your life.”

In short. These people exist and that is exactly how they think.

5. Criminal Charges? And, closing. Unfortunately for Sleeper 13 Productions, Rejina Sincic (among multiple other propagators of this video) there seem to be multiple reports to the authorities. Accusations made on the production group’s page by people are noting being accessories to any criminal charges that could be brought up on the first child who goes through with the video’s premise in real life. I’ve personally questioned and thought about a charge of child endangerment ahead of time, but I’m not a lawyer, so it all may be irrelevant. The making of this “Public Service Announcement” is absolutely sickening. Erroneous doesn’t even come close to describing how foul the whole affair is. I’ve taken steps to screen capture all of the evidence when the back-tracking starts after the panic sets in and the damage-control button is hit. I will make those publicly available soon.  Though, it’s far too late. The video has hit far too many mainstream and pro-Second Amendment news sources without any justifying response from Sincic… aside from “COWARDS”. Sleeper 13 Productions is already being hammered hard on Facebook, with notations of possibly criminal offenses. With all of that said. Protect your children from this drivel, parents.

In closing, I quote Rick Canton.

FBI on Line-2.

Update 1: I’m watching the slow back-tracking being made by Sincic. Information regarding a screen-shot outing people as cowards for not sharing had to be found due to a deletion of a tweet, done by her. Link here.

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