It’s time to take a look at complaint that I have. As a firearms enthusiast, I hold a love for the weapons I own and wish to own. I am a shooter, a hunter / sportsman, a collector and I am the defender of the premises of which I inhabit. I participate in a little bit of everything regardless of which category I would say I “specialize” myself in. There are firearms “enthusiasts”, “collectors” and then the “hunters”; but, why would someone be so different if they are more interested in standard-capacity magazines and or modernized weapons designs?

I read this article, about firearms accessories and suppressors, and I noticed that there was an apparent, purposeful separation and categorization of firearms owners. What bothers me is that we let this belittlement stand. The last time I checked, we all stand, side-by-side, firing at paper, steel or realistic targets and I see that line as something important to note. So, why is it that our choice in firearms lets them dictate whether or not we are in our own group? A group, mind you, that those anti-gun people aren’t even apart of themselves. It sounds pretty slanted, huh?

Personally, I can’t really think back to a period of time, in the history of firearms ownership, where there was a literal division between what was a “hunter” and what was a “collector / enthusiast” or someone seeking the capability of self-defense. For the most part, men and women spanning history were a little bit of everything. In other words; we need to stand together as a unit.

That’s my complaint, so now we’re going to get dirty.

What, exactly, can the left-wing do about firearms owners? Well, after the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre, we definitely saw some of the sentiment held towards firearms owners, specifically members of the NRA. As I look back on it, it is quite hilarious, because of all of the talk about executive restrictions based on mental illness. The president and the ATF could have gone through the reply list to LaPierre’s comments, on Twitter about his recorded statement, and marked a lot of people off for firearms ownership.

But, that is the reality. So, this is an open message to the left-wing, “anti-gun” personnel. You will have to segregate and systematically kill everyone involved with firearms ownership and manufacturing or anybody that holds self-defense to a high standard. It is as that one Twitter post suggested. And, know this. The government doesn’t have the federalized personnel or the backing of the Armed Forces to stop the armed citizens of the United States from owning something. The composition of personnel in the U.S. Armed Forces is not made up of robots manufactured off of a General Dynamics assembly line, after all.

If you are a part of this misguided group of people, but you can’t stomach seeing the graphic images from ISIS propaganda seen today, then you wouldn’t even touch the weapon that would’ve been used to shoot a teenage hunter or a 10-year old daughter who was taught about firearms or an elderly grandmother who carries to defend herself. And, I will openly dare any opposition to prove me wrong.

Let me make this clear. There has been far more good done by people, with firearms in hand, than by the Gun-Free Zone signs and legislation, which sat outside of the schools that were targeted by psychopaths. And, how? Because firearms owners have issued far more justice than any courtroom. And, mothers who have supported being armed and being apart of an armed family have been around a lot longer than your Twitter account, hashtag activism. I would tell you ‘good luck’ on running this country without firearms, but there wouldn’t be a country to run.

Gun control only gets people killed and the human right of self-defense cannot be bought up and tossed away (here’s looking at you, Bloomy). Moreover, the events going on in Ferguson, MO, are a testament to the need for firearms, in a defensive purpose. The shop keepers in Ferguson are currently battling looters.  Get with the program or end up as a victim. You can’t buy us off; you won’t succeed in categorizing and pitting us against each other.

We are the line.

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