It’s time to take a look at complaint that I have. As a firearms enthusiast, I hold a love for the weapons I own and wish to own. I am a shooter, a hunter / sportsman, a collector and I am the defender of the premises of which I inhabit. I participate in a little bit of everything regardless of which category I would say I “specialize” myself in. There are firearms “enthusiasts”, “collectors” and then the “hunters”; but, why would someone be so different if they are more interested in standard-capacity magazines and or modernized weapons designs?

I read this article, about firearms accessories and suppressors, and I noticed that there was an apparent, purposeful separation and categorization of firearms owners. What bothers me is that we let this belittlement stand. The last time I checked, we all stand, side-by-side, firing at paper, steel or realistic targets and I see that line as something important to note. So, why is it that our choice in firearms lets them dictate whether or not we are in our own group? A group, mind you, that those anti-gun people aren’t even apart of themselves. It sounds pretty slanted, huh? Continue reading SHOTS FIRED: Who We Are