The Language of Control

President Barack Obama, on the 26th of June, spoke at a Town Hall meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The President touched on a number of topics, until a spectator was allowed a question and worked gun-control into the session. The White House has video of the entire meeting and there is a full transcript: which can be found here. Obama’s words caused some issue on one topic. However, very few pro-gunners seemed to notice one part of his speech that could change the nature of the gun-control push from here, on.

Now, I’m putting aside the incompetence regarding the thought that there are no background checks and ‘forgetfulness’ that the ‘gun lobby’ is comprised of, at the very least, half of the entirety of the American households (according to Gallup polls taken over the last five-years). What, instead, I want you to focus on is in bold (question begins here).

        “This is the only advanced country that tolerates something like this. We have, what’s basically a mass shooting, it seems like happening once every couple of weeks: kids on college campuses, kids at home. And we’re not going to be able to eliminate all of that violence, and there’s a strong tradition of gun ownership, wonderful folks who are sportsmen and hunters, and I respect all that. But we should be able to take some basic, common sense steps that are, by the way, supported by most responsible gun owners. Like having background checks so you can’t just walk into a store and buy a semi-automatic.”

Notice that he didn’t say ‘assault weapon’ or even mention rifles, in any capacity. He was specifically talking about ‘semi-automatic’ firearms. Going back a little in the recent history of gun-control pushes, regarding legislature. We have to turn back the clock to 2012-2013, when there was a vehement fight on against the latest Federal Assault Weapons Ban. We watched Sen. Dianne Feinstein try to bring a lot of the current model semi-automatic rifles under the National Firearms Act as Title-II weapons. The ban would’ve also applied to handguns that didn’t meet certain standards and it did not exempt any modern models of semi-automatic, magazine-fed handguns.

Feinstein’s language has always been this way, but the use of ‘semi-automatic’ in lieu of “assault rifles / weapons” was almost exclusively used by Feinstein, and a few others from the Fringe. This should be taken as a warning because the language is, clearly, changing. One might say that the clarity is amazing now.

Regarding that new AWB; you have to imagine having to turn your Glock or having to register the pink Ruger 10-22, which you bought for your daughter, because it was semi-automatic and had a detachable magazine.  That was going to be the exact outcome of AWB-II. Assuming, they didn’t just draw up a semi-automatic version of the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986 later or as an alternative. It was close but, luckily, it did not pass and the resulting votes also gave us the people to vote out later on this year, in November, during Midterms.

Rolling the clock forward again: it’s July 2014 and we’re seeing this change coming from President of the United States. This change in gun-control language is pushing away the old “assault rifle / weapon” rhetoric and specifically puts all of the semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and handguns into the spotlight. The line, formerly and purposely blurred by the anti-gun politicians, is on the way out. It is, specifically, supporting the current mindsets of Senators Feinstein and Charles Schumer, as well. The President has finally lined up, in order, with them on the public level.

What if this push succeeded to see daylight? Well, we’d probably see a change of language regarding other weapons thereafter; with the Left using whatever argument they can to accomplish their overall goal. This shift, so to speak, in the gun-control language was inevitable and I do see Obama’s specific notation of ‘semi-automatics’ as being the turning point. If we end up losing the next battle, then you will slowly see the sights shift to a new ‘scary’ object.

I wouldn’t say that I’m surprised, but I’m wondering why this didn’t come sooner. This was obviously coming and a moment that we were all expecting; especially from a President who has nothing left to lose now, has a considerable amount of time left on his presidency and doesn’t care to do business through Congress. The Left knows exactly what they want and are going to do what it takes to see their ends met.

I guess we’re just going to have to wait and see what comes next.

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