Gun Control And You

I’m going to talk a little about discussions I’ve already held with other people and pleads I’ve made to others who are demanding all of this gun control in the United States, especially after the Santa Barbara killing spree that took place a few days ago. I’m going share with you a refined version of one of those pleadings that I had, just a few nights ago — to, probably, no avail. I’m not going to include links to that page because I’m going to run it down here.

I was surfing around and found a statement made by somebody who was arguing for gun control after the killing spree (though, everyone calls it a mass shooting) and made every case for why WE shouldn’t even have that level of firearms restrictions, let alone more, at the same time. It was a gem, to say the least, and I did state as much in my reply. At first, I just wanted to laugh and face-palm, pointing it out to others and leaving it alone. But, I thought better of it. I could very well turn someone towards private firearms ownership with an long-winded, TL;DR argument — if they bothered reading it — and I did desperately hope they read it. So, here’s what started it.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms assisted the Sheriff’s Office in confirming that all of the weapons were legally purchased from federally licensed firearms dealers and were registered to the suspect.

If you tell me we don’t need stricter gun control, you are piece of human trash. 22 year old Elliot Rodger murdered 3 students and wounded over 10 with firearms. The other victims were stabbed to death or were run over by his car. He had over 34 loaded magazines in his car when apprehended. Each magazine held ten rounds. That’s over 340 bullets. 340 potential deaths and injuries.

Please, rethink gun control.

Now, you can see where and why I would’ve been justified in pointing and laughing. I fight for these rights every day and I’m now a ‘piece of human trash’ for it. I’m very passionate about teaching people about guns and everything, but when that’s how you want to start something then I am going to see red over it. Luckily, I sat back and spent a good hour on my reply; and, it follows below.

Sweetheart, I’m really not here to bash you. I’m here to help you learn a little something about California and guns, in general.

I was born in California and am a former resident — thank God, I left. California is Ranked #1 on the Brady Campaign[’s] (to Prevent Gun Violence) list of most restrictive controls on guns in the United States. Aside from the Form 4473 Background Checks — that are already Federally in place — California has a waiting period (10-days, if I remember correctly) on both firearms and ammunition, magazine restrictions to 10-rounds unless the magazines are Pre-Ban standard capacity magazines, and there are bans on criminals and mentally ill people from purchasing firearms. All firearms transfers have to go through an FFL, including private sales. California also has a secondary, state-run BCG on top of the Federal check (which is why it takes so long). The summoned-up version of this list is as follows;

1. Their (State) own background check procedure,
2. Required registration of (all) firearms.
3. Regulations on dealers, sales of multiple firearms,
4. Records of sale;10-day waiting period.
5. An “Assault weapons” law.
6. A 10-round magazine limit.
7. Prohibition on the Mentally Ill.
8. “Microstamping” of ammo, which means the shells’ identify the gun.
9. A “Bullet button” which is something that fixes the magazine to the firearm and can only be removed by a tool or bullet-tip.

Among many other restrictions.

California is currently, if it didn’t already pass, fighting it’s way towards having yearly safety courses to justify a permit to buy firearms and ammunition (two separate permits).

Santa Barbara County is also a giant Gun-Free Zone; really all of California is, but I’ll get specific here. If you don’t know what a GFZ is, you’ve seen the signs outside schools and political offices, post offices and whatnot. The Brady Bunch fought, a long time ago, for the Gun-Free School Zone Act of 1990. I am a college student in Louisiana at a nice campus and a lot of the students down here refer to the Zones as “Free-Fire Zones”, “Wholesale Slaughter Zones”, “The Bullseye Congregation”, among others. The area of Isla Vista was very probably (though some report it is) a GFZ, as it is a college-town and, in some cases, the campus’s GFZ will encompass that.

Now, on our suspect. He was a mentally ill kid. Previous arrests for disorderly conduct and violence against others, with a diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome and multiple visits to shrinks for his bombastic behavior towards anybody who was possibly in a romantic relationship or having sex with a cute gal. The cops knew he was bad news, the therapists knew, his parents knew and those around him at the colleges (multiple; I read most of his manifesto) he went to.

So, the kid went out and legally bought three handguns (two SIG-Sauer P226s and a Glock-34; all chambered in 9x19mm NATO). He legally bought around 400-rounds of ammo and thirty-four 10-round magazines for the SIGs and seven 10-round magazines for the Glock. He went through all the checks, Federal and State, and still didn’t pop up as a risk under the State’s check. California is the STRICKEST state on firearms, as far as laws go, and it is an epic failure. The gun control in that state is killing people.

So, what? More gun control? What more can you do? That state had all of the checks and restrictions you could ask for; something groups like the Brady Campaign fought for. And for what? Well, I’ll tell you. Gun control got those people killed. They weren’t allowed to carry their own private firearms on their person, open or concealed, to protect their lives and the lives of others around them. And that’s ALL of California for you.

Also, why just guns? You mentioned knives and the BMV. The fact of the matter is that three of his six victims were killed with a knife. That’s 50-percent of the victims right there. Why not knife control or BMW control?

You want everyone to rethink gun control? Start promoting the Manual of Arms, I.E. general firearms handling and safety. Teach them on firearms and promote the legalization of Concealed Carry or Constitutional Carry. Why? Because, since Aurora, there as only been ONE shooting to take place that WASN’T in a Gun-Free Zone; and, that shooting was stopped by a Concealed Carrier who merely pulled his gun on the suspect. That was the Clackamas Mall Shooting of 2012.

So, what else do you want to do, in regards to gun control? And, keep in mind, the only human pieces of trash around here are people like that kid. Don’t you dare throw gun owners into the same lot just because we don’t see it your way. And, to that note, what would you tell (to their faces) the majority of police officers in the NATION who go out and tell people to arm themselves due to their own experiences and response times?

Just think about that, right there. Don’t open your mouth. Just think about it. The average response time is 12- to 15-minutes. Your empty hands and a pleading tongue are not going to help you in that time. Wouldn’t you like to have a gun, instead of being raped and potentially killed? And, what would you say to rape victims like Amanda Collins, who was disarmed by her college campus’ policies and raped under a 911 Call Box on said campus? She’s apart of that “NRA Gun Lobby” that the leftist Moms Demand Action psychos on Twitter want to have killed so badly, y’know.

Let’s not forget the firearm-trained military personnel who are disarmed every day on their own military bases, by the DoD Directive 5210.56 which was spawned by the aforementioned Gun-Free Zone Act. What would you say to the men and women who have been killed on those bases because of those directives? Men and women who were trained in the use of firearms by the military. People with the similar mindset to yours believe that they’re “responsible enough” to have guns because “they’re the military”. But, what would you say to their loved ones and kids?

I’ll tell you right now. Gun control hasn’t saved a goddamn life and you, along with every other liberal out there with the same mindset, know it. And, that’s what I don’t get. You know there’s a black market of guns. You know that stopping me, a legal gun owner, from having a firearm will not stop a career felon from getting one. So, why do you fight that? You know FBI Crime Statistics are out there, which indicate that gun (hell, ALL) crime is going down while the ATF has stats that correlate the rising tide of legal gun sales going back years. The Pew Research Center did a study that told the story that gun crime was at an all time low over the last 20-years. Are you scared of guns, which are merely inanimate objects? And, I don’t mean that condescendingly. Not one bit,

I will sit down and teach you, and anybody else, who wants to know more about state laws and regulations, guns, safety, concealed carry and I will give you all of the evidence in the world for every bit of it. That is, if you let me. Or anybody else in the gun community, for that matter. If you ask, we’ll teach.

And that, my friend, is the truth of it all. If you are interested, shoot me a PM and we’ll jump on the learning curb.

Those are the facts. The kid did everything legally and the California background check system failed the people of Isla Vista. That’s a failure in gun control right there. And what about that knife control or car control? Fifty-percent of the victims were stabbed to death in the kid’s apartment and at least four of the wounded were hit by his car.

I’ll say it again. Those who are against guns, aren’t really all that against guns. They love action movies with firearms and explosions and a lot of them play video games with (these days) more firearms variants’ than you can shake the proverbial boomstick at. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t spend the money on those things and support those movies who have to pay firearms experts and armorers for their work, and pay royalties to the firearms manufacturers so they can make a gun look like the real thing. Everyone loves guns.

What makes people like that little gal edgy about firearms is the fact that they won’t go out and learn the Manual of Arms (firearms handling and safety procedures), the laws and whatnot. I understand that they fear the capabilities of the inanimate object, but they forget that it stems from being in hands of people that are good or bad.

And, as I’ve already mentioned. They know there’s no argument. I’ll sit down and present every bit of evidence to them that violent crime is down and the private rate of gun ownership is going up at the same time. They don’t argue that no matter what restrictions you put in place for felons and the mentally ill, they’ll still get a gun if they’re driven enough. There’s a black market out there and Adam Lanza is the other perfect example. He shot and killed a legal gun owner, stole her firearms and killed people with them. He broke a number of different laws in the process and gun control did not do a damn thing to stop him.

They also argue for the possession of guns by the police, military and government agencies on the sole mindset that a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun. So, why is the nation of Concealed Carriers, in the United States, not good enough? Because I’ll tell you something, coming from someone who’s in a family of police officers… that badge means nothing anymore. There’s no respect. That’s why criminals don’t hesitate to shoot at the police anymore. And, then, what about police officer gone-off-the-rails, like Chris Dorner? There’s a lovely peach I’d like any of the left to defend.

I’m coming to understand that those who are anti-gun are the same as those who are pro-gun. They want a good guy with a gun to be there for them. The only difference between the two groups is that, with the appropriate training and armament, that good guy could be them. I’m a pro-gun guy and I have to admit that I’ve come to that realization right now. And you, if you’re an ‘anti-gun American’, should do the same. I mean, I’ll give you a perfect example. All of those anti-gun senators, like Chuck Schumer and Diane Feinstein, are all — to this day — armed, Concealed Carriers. Shannon Watts, Moms Demand Action, probably does carry as well, but what I know for a fact that she has are armed bodyguards. Big hulking men armed with handguns under their nice suit jackets.

It’s coming to a head, though, with the police and where they stand about armed citizenry. Detroit is one of the most anti-gun cities in the United States, outside of California. The Police Chief is standing his ground on supporting personnel who carry concealed. Daniel Craig first came out in January of this year to support the idea of Concealed Carry in Detroit. Then there was Chicago, Illinois. The last state in the Union to have some sort of legal concealed carry permitting system put into place. Yes, and since 1986, anti-gun states have been turning into Shall-Issue permit states. It also wasn’t one bit of a surprise when it was announced that the crime rate plummeted right after the implementation of Concealed Carry in the Chicago area.

So, with that said. If you’re a self-proclaimed “anti-gunner”, I have news for you. You and I aren’t all that different, and if you’re willing to sit down with be about the topic, I will — to the best of my ability — teach you anything you want to know. I’ll help you on the national laws and look up the local state laws, help you with a good firearm that might suit your person or style, or whatever comes to your mind that you want to delve into. I’ll even help you find a firearms instructor in your state that comes recommended by the big-time national training units, like NOLATAC Firearms Training (for those in Louisiana).

And, for those who were moved and impressed by what I’ve written here about arming yourself, don’t get me wrong. Concealed Carry shouldn’t be thought of as ‘cool or hip’ in the sense of a fun-factor. Concealed Carrying a handgun is to be thought of as a job. Once you finally get your permit, you don’t get to take a day off. You’ve taken up an unspoken oath to yourself and the ones you love that you will protect yourself and them with your new-found and legal means. You don’t get to sit there and become complacent one day, leaving your handgun behind just to go to the store because you’ll “be right back” or “it’ll only take five-minutes”. It’s a job. It is cool, don’t get me wrong. You’ll hold yourself higher, with a sense of pride. But, it’s a job.

So, again. If you reach out to the community that loves something, of which you fear — for whatever reason — you WILL find people like myself out there, ready and willing to happily help you out in learning about what you fear.

All you have to do is ask.

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